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Ergonomics is the science that studies the interaction between on one hand the elements of a system (human or other) and on the other hand the function of these elements. The aim is to increase the user’s satisfaction and improve the overall performance of the system. Basically it is the science that studies the interaction between individuals and technology.

We were looking for a new idea. We were looking for freedom. We found Tarta®. An ergonomic backrest studied by experts in postural optimisation that is a mixture of design and state-of-the-art materials. Every day we find that Tarta® has infinite applications in the most various branches. Wherever a seated position is required, Tarta® offers the best solution when it comes to adaptability.

With its modular approach, few simple and highly resistant components, the Tarta® Back is the answer to so many different specific requirements going from aesthetic ones when creating contemporary chairs to more serious challenges when creating for the differently abled. Everyone can benefit from this innovative solution, just find out how it works for you!

What is the Tarta® system?

The modular Tarta® system is a Back designed to adapt to and improve the posture of each one of us. With a mixture of design, materials and technology it is Ergonomics at its best. Created by a pool of experts in postural optimisation, according to a  “one design for all” philosophy.  It is a product with an excellent performance in terms of comfort and has a futuristic look and appealing design.

The initial idea behind the Tarta® system was to improve the posture of people with disabilities and attend to their specific needs. Soon we found out that if we extended our solutions to other branches we could help individuals that spend  most of their daytime in a chair.

A few examples of applications other than the wheelchair are office chairs, relaxation chairs, a toddler chair and a mobile system for sofas or armchairs. This however is only the beginning. The applications are infinite. The materials are studied to offer the highest of performance. The harmonica shaped steel used for the “springs” compresses to follow the movements of the person, leaving him free to move  and then returns to its original shape. The softly padded components of the back have breathable and washable surfaces.

The Tarta® Back basically is an actual thorax where to the central vertebrae that imitate the spinal column (to be personalised in shape and dimension) are attached adaptable aluminium or carbonium staves that follow the frame of a person. The whole is refinished with pads in different shapes and sizes to optimise personalisation. The system, being so simple, has many advantages in standard use as well as for more technical use, making custom made version possible and exploiting all the features that the design hides behind its clean and essential lines.

il sistema ergonomico tarta

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