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Paolo Badano created and patented many systems that make it possible to ride the self-balancing Segway® while remaining comfortably seated. In GennyTM 2.0, every single movement of the upper body is transformed into actual movement of the machine.

The use of this device by people with reduced mobility has required particular attention to its parking and the electronic safety related to it. Several electronic and mechanical appliances are easily commanded by pressing a button that activates the deployment of two self levelling legs that park GennyTM 2.0 safely on any kind of terrain.

Specially designed electronics reassure that all this is surveilled by status and movement sensors. They enable the self-balancing unit to interface with the sitting and parking systems and synchronise all the processes during use.

In case of a defect in the surveillance electronics, redundancy mechanisms instantly make sure that  new components take over to bring the GennyTM 2.0 to a safe stop even without electronic stabilisation.

Different acoustic and visual signals give useful information to the user on how to safely ride GennyTM 2.0. It is equipped with a wireless 64bit codified key necessary for ignition that makes it impossible for GennyTM 2.0 to be used by non-authorised individuals and moreover provides all kinds of information on speed, distance, average per hour and time. In case of an attempted removal of the device, an integrated anti-theft system blocks the wheels and emits sounds and vibrations.

For Paolo, the core focus in this project always has been the safety of the user. Not always an easy task considering we are dealing with electronics and mechanics on two parallel wheels. This is why the lateral handlebars have ultimate control power to not only to contain the users but also to execute emergency parking. This means that as a “safety net” the user can, at all times, push down one of the lateral handles and instantly deploy the parking stands to obtain stability on any kind of terrain.

The uniqueness of GennyTM 2.0 lies not only in its technological characteristics but also in its ergonomic chair which includes the Tarta® Back (also see our section on “Ergonomics”) whose multiple posture adjustment adapt to any person. Moreover its beautiful design has a streamlined body  in thermoformed plastic that results in captivating contours and allows any colour combination.


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