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The ability to keep its balance is the most surprising aspect of GennyTM and it is the key to its functioning,

GennyTM 2.0 is controlled by an intelligent network of sensors, a mechanical assembly and propulsion and control systems. From the moment you sit on it, five gyroscopic sensors and two accelerometers register the change of terrain and the position of your body a hundred times a second,  which is faster than our brain can think.

As mentioned GennyTM 2.0 has five gyroscopic sensors even though it only needs three to control the movement to the front, back as well as the steering. The extra sensors add redundancy and therefore make the product more reliable and safe. All these inclination and steering data and the information received by the other sensors are transmitted to the brain of this transportation device.

The brain and “muscular strength” are assured by two redundant and identical groups that consist of electronically controlled microprocessors, batteries and engines. These both share the task of steering the wheels. This enormous elaboration capacity is fundamental to assure instant adjustments that prevent the user from falling. If one of the many components that control the means should shut down, the other identical group takes over all its functions and allows the system to come safely to a complete stop without putting the user at risk.

The microprocessors use advanced software that controls GennyTM 2.0. This program processes all the input on the stability it receives from the gyroscopic sensors and responds to it adjusting speed and avoiding fall. The electric engines that run on a set of rechargeable Lythium-Ion batteries can make each of the wheels turn independently and with a different speed.

When the user leans forward, the engines make both of the wheels spin forward to avoid excessive inclination. When on the other hand the user leans backwards, the engines make both the wheels spin backwards. When moving the handlebar to the left or right the engines make one wheel spin faster than the other or when you go slow enough they turn in different directions and allow GennyTM 2.0 to rotate about its own axis (zero turning radius).


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