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Why Choose GennyTM ?

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Because until today there was nothing like it.

GennyTM 2.0 inaugurates a new transportation philosophy in personal mobility. Thanks to its stabilisation technology it brings its users together in the name of the freedom of movement, and makes differences disappear. 

Anyone who uses a traditional wheelchair knows perfectly the difficulties one encounters every single day. 

Constantly having to look down to the ground to avoid the little wheels to get stuck into little holes or cracks in the pavement and always having your hands tied up and often dirty can be very frustrating. Not to mention the problems rising when it rains and one finds himself not only getting wet because the simple gesture of holding an umbrella is impossible. And last but not least there are the risks of taking small steps or riding downhill on slippery ground. 

GennyTM 2.0 instantly resolves all these problems.


The technology of GennyTM 2.0 uses the self-balancing basis of a Segway PT®, modified and adapted to new requirements. It therefore guarantees instant on the spot rotation and forward moving without the need of handles, accelerators or breaks. Almost as if just the thought of moving was enough.

The two parallel wheels and the numerous electronic sensors, of which five are gyroscopic sensors, allow GennyTM 2.0 to move forward simply by leaning forward and to slow down and stop by leaning backwards.  A handlebar allows the machine to rotate without complicated use of the hands, leaving them finally free.

No wheelchair currently on the market, powered or not, can ride on difficult terrain such as beachfronts, snow or trails for a long time and with satisfying performance. GennyTM 2.0 does it naturally. 


To be able to hold hands with your loved one while taking a walk seems the most normal thing on earth for those who can actually walk. Often it is impossible for those who are in a wheelchair. With GennyTM 2.0.thanks to its incredible mobility features, you can stroll and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about the terrain you’re riding on. Today, having an ice cream or walking your dog is within your reach!

Imagination is the only thing standing in the way of GennyTM 2.0 potentials. Nothing is unthinkable anymore when speaking of  `mobility`. Work and play will never be the same.

Social Aspect

It is obvious by now, that the integration of people with disabilities goes hand in hand with their autonomy and ability to interact with their surroundings. Driving a car has been an important achievement. However it has still so many limitations in a number of specific urban situations.

GennyTM 2.0 increases significantly your personal mobility defying bad roads or pavements thanks to its technology and pulling down architectonic barriers where authorities have not been able to.

That leaves us with the psychological aspect of using GennyTM 2.0. The patterns that link disabled people to traditional wheelchairs are now breached. Thanks to its aeronautic technology and its unusual design according to market standards, attention is shifted from the interlocutor with a mobility problem to the magic of this marvellous self-balancing device.

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