Genny Card
United under the sign of mobility
Genny card

Owning a Genny means enter the great family of Genny Angels, in other way those who have chosen to move with a revolutionary device and at the same time have embraced the values it represents: freedom, innovation and reduction of barriers, mental even more than structural.

We want to recognize this choice and give them an added value. Each Genny Angel can enjoy even more advantages or special promotions throughout the year, and to do so he/she does not need anything other than an ID card: the Genny Card.

The Genny Card will be provided immediately at the time of purchase and it's linked to the serial number of each Genny (CMP), attesting, among other information, including their suitability.

Genny Patenti

Genny Card regulation:

The Genny Card is issued free of charge
The Genny Card remains property of Genny Factory SA as single shareholder, and is not a credit card
The card is not transferable and must be presented in case of rental or technical assistance
In case of loss, theft or damage of the card, the owner should contact Genny Factory SA for the replacement
The card benefits are recognized only to holders of Genny Card and are strictly personal