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Genny Care Protection Plan

The Genny Care Protection Plan is an extended warranty to three or four years from the purchase date of your Genny.

It involves:

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3 Genny Pit Stop coupons

To be carried out at a Genny Point once a year.

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Warranty Extension at 2 years (besides the two already provided).

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Free issuance of charge to the Genny's user Insurance, consisting of a liability policy (Liability Risks Several) who lasts a year from the date of Genny's purchase.

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Technical support in every moment: with Genny Care Protection Plan, we will offer immediate support from our technicians, so most issues can be solved with a simple phone call.

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Direct contact with our technicians
Recording and storage of the defection
Sorting and reservation at the nearest Genny Point
Genny Care Protection Plan
Have you got a Genny stopped in the pit because subject to interventions? With the Protection Plan service you have the right to receive another device on loan for use: we don't want you to miss even one day with your freedom of movement!