Pit Stop
Keep your Genny always under control

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Once a year
or every 1000Km
Genny pit stop

The safety of your Genny is crucial for us: from assembly to delivery up all the kilometers you'll decide to spend with her.

That's the reason why, using our experience and the important achievements in terms of performance, we thought of the most effective ways to keep your precious self-balancing always under control.

In order to ensure the suitability of Genny's use, it is necessary to carry out a Pit Stop each year (or alternatively 1,000 km). Agreed with our technicians, it will be performed at one of our authorized workshops, where the device will be subjected to the following inspections:

Genny pit stop
The inspection we will perform on your Genny
Pit Stop Book
Genny pit stop book

The official record book attesting that your Genny is in good health. We will equip you of this important document, which will be updated in every Pit Stop by our technicians.

Genny pit stop book

1 – GPit Stamp Sticker
Here's where the Gpit sticker stamp will be placed after the intervention

2 – Gpit General Information
Blank space where will be recorded the intervention date, the Genny Point in which it was carried out and the technician who made it.

Pitstop Book Legend
The stamp sticker will be applied to the Book in every Pit Stop, your Genny will be checked to prove that
the maintenance was performed and it will be considered as certify the safety.

1- Year of the coupon
2- Month of the coupon
3- Km recorded at the time of coupon

Where to apply?

The GPit must be positioned within the Genny, on the electronic box side (under the pillow).