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From the fusion of the experience of Genny 2.0 with the results of multidisciplinary research and new technologies is born Genny Zero, a new way of conceiving mobility.

An electric vehicle in all respects, on two wheels like a motorcycle but with an aesthetic that makes it as dynamic as a car.

Greater comfort, substantial postural benefits, sporty trim, captivating design, customization of details and look, sophisticated electronics developed by our team of engineers, self-learning, networking and Swiss Made, are just some of the features of Genny Zero

Genny it adapts to the learning curve of its "driver" by always recognizing the ideal set-up to take, thus preventing him from making risky maneuvers when he is still becoming familiar with the vehicle. Genny guides the customer along the learning path so that he is always at ease, reassured by the naturalness and fluidity of the interaction between man and machine. The history of commands and recent operation is stored within Genny, protected by a security code that makes it unalterable, available for consultation by the customer through the app or the website and, in the event of anomalous events, transmitted to assistance Genny for the necessary "follow-up".

Connectivity to cellular mobile networks projects Genny on the Internet while Bluetooth connectivity reveals new possibilities thanks to APPs on smartphones and iPads. 
Genny Zero is projected into the world of the IoT (Internet of Things) by providing a set of elements for connectivity that make it able to always remain online. In addition to the Global SIM, used for the communication of crucial information for the machine, there is the possibility of a Wi-Fi connection for updates and the addition of optional features. There is also a GPS tracking system, used for SOS and remote localization functions